Hot foods and beverages - just set it and forget it.

Our Technology

Inductive Intelligence is a technology platform to deliver curated heating and cooking experiences for multiple, multi-billion dollar market segments, including:

Single Serve Foods - RTD Beverages - Commercial Cooking - Automotive - Kitchen Appliances - Military - Food Delivery - Cosmetics - Home Fragrance  

The patented Inductive Intelligence system turns paper, plastic, glass, foil pouch and metal packaging into heatable IoT devices.  The Inductive Intelligence system transfers a matrix of data from the package to the base unit.  The base unit authenticates the device or package and responds by wirelessly sending the appropriate amount of energy, tuned to the right frequency, to a metal receptor in the package to create the right heating experience for the package and its contents.  In the case of metal packaging and foil pouches, the package itself receives the power.  The device and package talk to each other throughout the heating process ensuring a controlled and safe experience.  













Smart Vessels and Cookware

Inductive Intelligence's patent-pending technology enables custom ceramic vessels to be heated using the Inductive Intelligence base to a precise and personalized temperature.  The base does not get hot, but the inside of the vessel does and it can take your coffee from cold to hot at the touch of a button, or simply keep it just right.  In addition, the ceramic vessel is dishwasher safe making it suitable for both consumer and commercial applications like restaurants, cafes and special event venues.




















Heating Packages

Inductive Intelligence's patent-pending technology enables consumers to utilize a smart package device that's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand to safely heat packaged foods and beverages roughly as fast as, and far more efficiently than a microwave.  The user can utilize the same base appliance to wirelessly power/charge mobile devices and other small appliances. 


Inductive Intelligence’s technology also allows the manufacturer and retailer to collect data from the packaging itself, transmitting it to and through the consumer's mobile device at the time of usage.  This data can be used for: data analytics, generating product usage insights, conducting market research at the time of usage, and enabling customer relationship and loyalty programs.



Inductive Intelligence designs, tests and manufactures smart package appliances that power licensed packages, appliances and vessels.  Inductive Intelligence will create custom designs and specify unique technical parameters based on the client's needs and design preferences.  



Convenient & Customizable Mobile Application & APIs

Inductive Intelligence's mobile application makes it easy to heat, buy and review enabled products.  For brands who wish to integrate Inductive Intelligence's functionality into an existing app, we offer a set of standard APIs for data transfer and product authentication.