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Our Team

The innovative and practical application of technology is what drives Inductive Intelligence.  Innovative and practical is also what describes our team.  With ground-breaking technical know-how and a wealth of strategy and marketing experience, Inductive Intelligence's founders, David Baarman, Greg Clark, and the entire team develop solutions by merging cutting edge technology with practical, market-ready applications.

Co-Founder & CTO

David is one of the world's leading technologists in the area of wireless power, and is a founding member of the Wireless Power Consortium.   He has over 900 patents granted or pending and his appetite to solve problems and invent never ceases.

Senior Development Engineer

Ben is the first employee of Inductive Intelligence​.  Ben comes to us with a strong background in wireless power and electronic hardware development experience.  Early in his career he was integrally involved in helping to make the Qi wireless standard a reality.  Today, he's using his skills and knowledge to take wireless power in a whole new direction. 


Ben earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Calvin College and a Masters of Electrical Engineering from Grand Valley State University.  He's a double, double E.

Co-Founder & CEO

Greg Clark is an accomplished executive with considerable strategy, marketing and innovation experience.  With nearly a decade of international business experience, Greg has a unique ability to connect ideas, people and products to grow businesses  - regardless of where you are in the world.

Intern - Firmware Develoment

Toussaint is a recent graduate of Calvin College where he graduated with a degree is Computer Science.  Toussaint will be designing hardware and writing firmware this summer, and when he's not at work, you'll probably find him playing tennis.

Yes, We're Hiring!

We're growing and building our team to meet the ever increasing demands of our clients.  If you have a can do attitude, like to invent and build new products and/or business models, like to laugh, and consider yourself of high integrity, you just might be a good fit at Inductive Intelligence.   If you would like to learn more, please email me at greg@inductiveintel.com.