• Greg Clark

Using Data to Connect at The Edge

There is a lot of talk about data these days because of the efficiencies and better experiences it can foster. The Inductive Intelligence system pushes data collection closer to the customer and provides greater insights than ever before possible. One CPG product manager said to me, "Wow, you just moved our velocity data to the point of consumption." Yes, but its more than just managing inventory, its about engaging with a customer when they're engaging with you. Its also about knowing when to reengage with the customer. Through richer and more timely data, we can change the way brands and retailers interact with their customers - with each other. Here's an article in Supermarket News by Russel Redman that talks about how Pepsi is working with retailers to use data to improve the customer experience and retailer profitability. We aspire to do the same, but even closer to the customer - right at the edge.

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