• Greg Clark

3 Outa 5 Aint Bad

5 Midwest Industry Trends That Will Shape VC Investing in 2018

Forbes recently published an article highlighting 5 "midwest" trends that will shape VC funding, and it's great to see we line up with three of them.

One, Inductive Intelligence has the ability to feed data into systems that make AI possible. Not only do we enable the collection of more data, we move the collection of data closer to the consumer by collecting it at the point of consumption, not purchase.

Two, our technology makes the consumption of many hot food and beverages way more convenient. No trip to the kitchen, not dirty dishes, just hot food when and where you want it.

Three, we're IoT enabling recyclable packaging to give consumers greater control and convenience.

We're excited about 2018, and agree with @forbes that these trends are going to shape the new year.

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