• Greg Clark

Top 10 Center Store Sellers of 2017: A Seasonal Challenge

Supermarket News Just Published their list of Top 10 Center Store Sellers for 2017:


Number one and number three this year are both RTD beverages. Liquid tea was number one and liquid coffee was number three. This should make grocers, especially those in the north, a bit concerned. According to Euromonitor, both of these categories suffer from seasonality - when the weather gets cold, like geese, consumers migrate to warmer options.

Why do we care? The Inductive Intelligence technology is uniquely suited to address the seasonality challenges of RTD options, by making it a hot drink category in addition to cold. With our technology the consumer is able to safely and conveniently heat their RTD beverage container using the same device they use to charge their mobile phone at their desk, in their car or in their dorm room.

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