• Greg Clark

Mintel announces five global packaging trends for 2018

Mintel, one of the world's largest consumer market research companies, recently published a report of five global packaging trends, and we're excited to hear what they had to say, because the benefits that our technology delivers aligns well with all of these trends. Take a look at Mintel's findings:


How does Inductive Intelligence align with these trends?

Packaged Planet: Inductive Intelligence makes consuming shelf stable foods far more convenient and encourages portion control of those same items.

rEpackage: Our technology not only makes shelf-stable foods easier to heat and consume, it also makes them easier to reorder with consumption based auto-replenishment.

Clean Label 2.0: Since we provide value to the consumer via the ability to heat the package, the consumer is also willing to pay for the Data Tag on the package. This data tag makes it possible to transfer data to the consumers' phone where they can see if a product is still good, and even transfer the nutrition information to their fitness or diet related apps.

Sea Change: Our technology is designed to be 100% recyclable and uses roughly 90% less energy to cook the contents of the package than a microwave.

ReNavigate: Inductive Intelligence techology is on the forefront of packaging innovation and will be a draw to center store for many consumers, particularly younger consumers seeking convenience, control and connectivity.

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