How does the device know what to do?
Each package is equipped with a data chip that transmits information to the base device when the product is placed on it. The base authenticates the package and then sends the appropriate power to the package to create the right heating experience.  The base device goes through a similar process to identify electronic devices to determine the appropriate power level for charging.  We know a thing or two about device charging, because Dave is one of the principle inventors of that technology.
Does the base device get hot?
No, the base unit does not get hot.  The base wirelessly/inductively transmits energy to a metal receptor in the package that gets hot.  If you're heating a can directly on the base, the base will get a little warm simply from heat being transmitted off the package, but the base does not emit heat.
Is this a safe way to heat things?
Inductive power has been used for decades for cooking.  Inductive Intelligence makes inductive cooking even safer and more energy efficient by placing the heating element in the package itself.  Our heating process sends only the exact amount of energy required to heat the package based on its design and contents.  In addition, the system monitors the temperature of the package throughout the entire heating process, and the device will shut off if its heating too fast or too slowly.
Is the package recyclable? 
Yes, Inductive Intelligence is committed to only delivering recyclable solutions.
Will this cook my phone?
No, Inductive Intelligence uses the Qi Wireless power standard for device charging, which authenticates your device before transmitting power to ensure the appropriate power level for your device.
Where can I buy a base device and products?
The Inductive Intelligence base and products are still under development.  If you sign up for our mailing list, we'll let you know exactly when and where you can get one.
Who do I contact, if I want to make my brand super convenient and hotter than ever?
Please connect with us on the contact page, and we'll get back to you right away.